Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Again

We are safely back in the United States.  Twenty four days, over
33,000 miles and several trips across the Equator have
passed at incredible speed.  Deb and I are both extremely satisfied
with this trip.  Other than the lack of sleep at times, I have
no criticisms.  Until you have been to all these places in such
a short period, it is difficult if not impossible to fathom the
logistics of moving this group around the world and making sure
they are having a positive experience.  I am sure there are other
outfitters that do this kind of trip but none could be any better
than TCS/Starquest.

For everyone who has read my babblings, thank you for traveling
along with us.  This is my first blog and I thank HEG, III, for
helping me establish it.  It has served a dual purpose as I look at
the blog as my diary of the trip.  We look forward to hearing all
your comments about the trip.

Finally, we consider ourselves fortunate to have made this trip.
It has reinforced our notion that most peoples share common desires
and goals which may come packaged somewhat differently.  And it has
reminded us that even before our nation was settled, there were
advanced cultures around the globe. And the most valuable lesson
that any American can learn from travel is that our way of doing
anything is not necessarily superior to the ways that it is done

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