Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10, 2011

We are still in Easter Island.  Today is somewhat of a  down day.  But most importantly, we got much needed sleep last night and feel much better.

Easter Island was named as such because the Dutch first showed up here on Easter Sunday.

I have discovered why I am unable to download photos.  Some of you know that I am using a laptop for the first time.  And I am always looking for WIFI.  All WIFIs are not created equal as I have now discovered.  The signal in this hotel is not strong enough to handle tasks such as downloading photos to a blog.  I am hoping for a better signal in Samoa.  If not, hang with me until we get to Australia.  I will then inudate you with photos.

Some of you may remember me talking about the hotel here on Easter Island where we were supposed to stay which was occupied by the native people.  Well, we got the straight poop on this takeover yesterday.  By law, only the native people  can own property on the island.  But the Chilean government apparently had title to a tract and conveyed it a Chilean corporation forty years ago.  The corporation built and operated a hotel.  Several years ago, it razed the hotel and built a new state of the art hotel.  It opened and hosted one group.  Then the natives came in, occupied the hotel and demanded to be make 50% partners in the venture.  The corporation said no.  The  natives soon discovered the cache of alcoholic beveragges and began to throw parties and sell these beverages.  They also started to rent rooms to random tourists for $50 a night.  They lost all credibility when they  started to sell the furniture.  They left the hotel peacefully two days ago.  It will take at least six months before the hotel will be ready to receive guests.  As a result, we had to stay in four different hotels.  You have heard me rave about the hotels where we have stayed.  Not this one.  Adequate but really Motel Six.  But this is a very isolated island.  No complaining here.

We leave at 3:00 this afternoon.  We have a five hour flight to Tahiti where we stop for fuel.  Then another four hours to Samoa (not American Samoa).  I think we may cross the international date line today.  So if my dates and your dates start conflicting, pleae understand that I am on the other side of the globe.

When I am on the plane, I will write a desciption of our travels around Easter Island and download it into the blog when I get a WIFI signal again.


  1. Hey you two,
    I am so thrilled to be able to fly around the world vicariously with you. I look forward to every post. It has snowed here AGAIN but we now look forward to springlike weather for the next week. YEAAAA!! Much love to you both. I signed up with Google so I can write to you!
    Cuz Arleen

  2. we are hoping you managed to buy some hotel furniture. We are looking for a few new pieces for our place.