Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9, 2011 II

W arrived on Easter Island last night around 9:00  EST.  This island has wierd time.  Geogrphically, it should be several time zones later than EST,  It was still light at 9:00.  I suppose it has something to do with this island being apart of Chile and Chile is in the Eastern Time Zone.

Easter Island holds the distinction of being the inhabited island that is furtherist from any other inhabited land.  It is 2000  miles west of mainland Chile.  Even though it is politically a part of Chile, this place was settled by the Polynesians from the west around 900 AD.

Last night as we approached the island, the pilot flew a circle around the island so we could see it from the air first.  Then she turned it around and flew back around the island so the people on the other side could see the island.  Just try that the next time you fly into RDU.  Send the pilot a note to fly over Chapel Hill so you can check on the progress of the east end zone in Kenan Stadium.  That will probably get you a vist from TSA or worse.

We went to bed early as we had already eaten on the plane.  Today was a busy and exciting day.  I will write more about the day soon.

I am having troulbe downloading photos but hope to resolve that soon.

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